Hello, my name is Cynthia and I am an Intuitive Psychic Medium – this is my simplified definition of what I do. Others go into a variety of definitions. I’m all about keeping it simple. At some point in our lives it is important to ‘keep it simple’. When we first begin to reach that certain age that creates that need to be ‘all grown up’ our life takes on a drastic over haul. That creation can begin in two ways – either you are a child who has/or is living the life of, what I have come to call ‘Normal, Happy, Healthy and Loving’ or you grew up/or still are living the life of a survivor of that nightmarish kind of sickness that we presume is ‘Normal, Happy, Healthy and Loving’ but truly it never was. That is the kind of life from which I was born into.

In my real life I choose not to use my real name because for me my life has now become all about moving forward and no longer about the need to call out and make aware to others my abusers – I knew them first as my parents. My journey forward is no longer intended to hurt others as I have been but rather to forgive so that I can continue moving forward towards my hopes and dreams.

When I was young life was all about getting to the next day without something bad and ugly happening to me or any one of my siblings or perhaps my pets. I can tell you that a sign of children who show anger towards their pets and/or other animals please know that something is happening to them that is Not right and that is one way they let other adults know and often times others their age. I also apply that to children who become bullies to others who might show vulnerability. I have been both in my life – the bully and the vulnerable one. To those who showed weakness around me I found that I felt more powerful – like, finally someone who I could Control and Order about. And to those who bullied me I became the vulnerable one and their torcher upon myself and others that I knew then were so destroyed by them and had become so horrified of their threats that personally I tried taking my life several times. But they did not take time to understand the nature of what I was going through. They only wanted to feel that Power, that Control that their parents/that my parents had over us. Children don’t understand the consequence in that – and how could they. A child, whether it be a 12 yr old or on up to an 18 yr old have not gained the wisdom that is learned through years and years.
So, the child survivor struggles and the struggles turn into desperation and soon the desperation turns into stress and that sense of being so overwhelmed that it actually becomes hard to breathe – amongst other symptoms. I was that –

Born into a military family we moved frequently – about every 4 yrs or so. I’ve lived in many different states, but I don’t remember too many really good times. I recall my dreams. And when I stop and look back I would have to say that was when I truly began to recognize that something was different about me. I was more than just some frightened ashamed little girl that was always getting bullied and attacked. I was seeing things that most times hadn’t happened yet and other times I would dream of dark, grayish scenes – running around a 4 posted canopy bed. You know that feeling of trying to run away but moving so slow that no matter how hard you try you still can’t get going any faster. Yep, that was the worst of the dreams – well one anyway. I use to have that one over and over again. But when I started to dream about horrible things that were happening to others that I knew. That was a bit freaky and too much. So I just kept moving forward and praying to the Creator – whom at that time I called Mother Earth. That’s who I called to when I wanted to escape the confinements of my home.

Home was many things for me but not where my heart was. It was where my fears were. When I left I took those fears with me until through the introduction to drugs kept capsulated. I had started drinking when I was 10 yrs old but was always too afraid of my folks to let them see me drunk, but with drugs – well, now that’s a whole different story! My life’s journey – that’s what helps me to be such a good Intuitive Psychic. All of my years as ‘Survivor’, always holding on to that belief that there is a way. The crazy decisions I made that had a hand in where I am today help me to be able to now help others. There have been so many others that I have crossed paths with on my life’s journey that showed me such kindnesses that this is how I am now able to Pay It Forward on behalf of all of them.

Like my parents, I spent many, many years moving and running from this place to the next – always trying to figure a way out. A way to some form of sanity and peace. I’ve done some really awful things in the name of surviving and in all that sickness and horror I believe that I did some really good things – at least it felt that way at the time. Of course, looking back on it all now at age 58 I wonder how I ever made it through all of that insanity alive. Part was due to the fact and I truly believe that it was and always has been my connection with the Creator along with my Guides and Guardians. I always felt their presence – even in the worst of times, they were there.
And that is how I know I can communicate with Spirit. I believe that there is a part of me that has always known I was connected with Spirit in some way. Though I am so Grateful to be able to have finally allowed myself to grow beyond my fears and come out of that proverbial closet so that I could begin helping more than just friends and family around me. That was a huge step forward for me. HUGE! I was so horrified when I finally went Public with my Abilities. But Thanks to my Trust and Believe and Faith in the Creator and Spirit and my Guides and Guardians I finally did it. And with all of you that have come to me and experienced my abilities first hand – all of you know as well and I am Grateful for your many kind words and your continued belief and support in what I do on behalf of all of you.

I will be continuing this topic of ‘What Is Moving Forward’ in my next Blog. In this Blog I basically wanted to tell you all just a bit about my own journey forward and how it brought me to where I am today. Please feel free to respond. Or if you would like to Book a Reading with me you may want to first watch the How To video on my Home page at www.cynthiaharvestmoon.us When I receive notice of your payment I will contact you from my personal email address at 4darling58@live.com. Thank you so much and I look forward to becoming your Spiritual Connection. God Bless You

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