sharon herron

I really enjoy talking to u and I thank u for the reading and I think u for letting me know what I needed to know but they still do not want to approve me for my disability what I need to do for them to approve me I am so worried I really need my disability right now I am really in need of a big financial blessing I do not have no money to pay my bills I have bills from may of this year until now but do not have any money to pay the bills I really really need help bad I have been depress about the whole situation and I get upset knowing that I have bills to pay but no money to pay them I need help bad

Please forgive my late response Sharon – I have had you in my daily prayers since the first time I read your review. Thank you so much for your kind words and it is at this time that I put out

call to prayer on behalf of Sharon. Your prayers on her behalf will be heard and she will feel the warmth of your gift of prayer. Thank you all so much in helping me pray to the Creator to help Sharon.  God Bless you and your family Sharon. You are truly a lovely, lovely strong woman – you and I share a life so much in common. We help each other to stay strong.