Cynthia knew what was troubling me and told me within a minute after we greeted one another. When I made my appt, I told her my family had medical issues. She didnt take the bait. She knew exactly what was going on in my life. She didnt stop there. She gave me info about my daughter that was true. When I told my daughter what I was told, she cried. She said it was true. I had hoped a loved would come through. That loved one did not come through, but another loved one did. Cynthia felt the presence of my in law who passed away. Now, I am a believer. My spouse was not. But by the time he listened to the recording she gives her clients free of charge, and heard her tell us about his dad’s passing, my spouse became a believer. The only thing she told me that didnt fit was… well, you are not interested in that. It was a word that kept coming to her. My point is, I believe in her insight so much that I find myself listening, observing and just being aware, just in case she was right.
Spirit continued to give her insight into my life, and I couldnt believe I was not charged extra for going over the time I paid for. If you want answers, or are troubled, if you need to connect to a loved one that has passed, make an appt. My anxiety was very high. I promised her I would be more centered next time we speak. My anxiety hadn’t been that high since the 70’s. I had complete relief by the time we said goodbye. I have been my normal happy and caring self with out any aniexty ever since my appt. Cynthia is the first medium I have ever spoken to. Thank you, Cynthia. I got my life back.