Why pay for a reading if this lady never answer her phone or her messages   Blessings Breanna, Please forgive my very late response to your concern. I do try to make sure that I respond to everyone that contacts … Read More

M Willis


I enjoyed the reading with Cynthia so much! She was so accurate & on point with everything! Even picked up a certain pain that a family member had been going through and what to do for it ! I would … Read More

Don Hudson

Cynthia just say's it as it is, and that's what I like about her, sincere and direct, but a touch of humour that makes you feel at ease with the world. I look forward to my next conversation as you … Read More



I’ve had numerous readings with Cynthia and she is simply amazing. I’ve suggested her to my niece and Cynthia saw a wedding in the very near future for her. To my amazment my niece contacted me a couple days ago … Read More

Jo Roberts

Thank you for my reading Cynthia. I didn’t know what to expect but you were very caring and reassuring. I am still processing the information which was shared. Some of the messages made sense to me and others I wasn’t … Read More


Cynthia knew what was troubling me and told me within a minute after we greeted one another. When I made my appt, I told her my family had medical issues. She didnt take the bait. She knew exactly what was … Read More


This was my 1st reading and I couldn’t be more pleased. Cynthia was able to help me connect with my loved ones in a way I never imagined truly possible. She is very comforting and caring. Things were brought up … Read More

Jasmine evans


Mrs. Cynthia is so sweet. Once i got on the phone with her she started amazing me. She spoke on my relationship my kids and also my grandmother that passed 8 years ago. She made me feel so comfortable on … Read More


Mrs. Cynthia is awesome.. She is very very accurate. She is the only precise person that I have encountered. She told me things that only I would know

sharon herron

I really enjoy talking to u and I thank u for the reading and I think u for letting me know what I needed to know but they still do not want to approve me for my disability what I … Read More


Cynthia is amazing…. she will never give you wrong information, always dead on. She has become an angel to me, awesome person -God sent.


I want to thank you again for the excellent reading I had with you last week. I’ve had so many meetings with you now l”m starting to lose count. But, I always know that if I need Clarity In anything, … Read More


Really great connection. Hoping the job ideas work. Felt like she really saw some things that I didn’t think about. She’s really great.


Hi Cynthia, I just wanted to thank you for the awesome reading that I had, as usual you hit things right on target . I was so happy to be able to speak to James, you told me about sitting … Read More

Kathy Arnaud

Just finished my second reading with Cynthia. I am sooooo blown away! As I said in my previous review, Cynthia is THE REAL DEAL. I’ve had readings from other people before but NO ONE has been so on point as … Read More

Kristi k


Amazing. First reading ever and was happy I reached out. Spot on, was very nice and understanding. Looking forward to reaching out to her again in a few months.


I decided to have a reading with Cynthia as i am currently in a crossroads in my life. She was able to understand how i was feeling without me giving any information about myself prior and gave me some very … Read More



I did a 1/2 hour reading with Cynthia and I can not even tell you just how happy I am to have met her. With her help I was able to connect to my aunt whom I was extremely close … Read More

sharon h

I really enjoy talking to u Cynthia h moon what all u told me was true and I will be getting back with u soon u r a good psychic reader I wish I would have known u back then … Read More


Cynthia is the real deal! The only thing I had to say what my name and she was able to tell me things nobody else would know. She is very kind and good at what she does. A very positive … Read More


I just wanted to take the time to review a reading I had with Cynthia a couple of days ago. First off, she was very professional, kind and clear. I really enjoyed the reading, I got a little emotional, but … Read More


My reading with Cynthia was even more than I had hoped for. What a terrific person and talented as well. She is like talking to a lifelong friend.


Cynthia was very helpful and extremely easy to talk to. I felt like I was having a conversation with a good friend or family member. I contacted Cynthia for guidance concerning several issues and she was accurate and provided great … Read More


I really enjoyed my reading….it was on point with everything. I encourage anyone to try a reading with Cynthia..All smiles


Cynthia is a very very sweet lady. I highly recommend you get a spiritual and or psychic reading with her. Cynthia was able to connect to many people in my family who have crossed over and people who are Not … Read More