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GREETINGS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!. This year I’m all about moving forward!

To do this I am asking for a little help from you and in return I am offering you a 2 for 1 30 min. reading with me. In other words, for your kindness I will give you a Free 30 min. Reading when you purchase your next 30 min. reading with me. (Details to follow)

Here’s how it works: In todays world Technology rules! Phone Apps are becoming the way of convenience. Therefore, I am asking if you would take just a few moments to click on the link I have listed below and if you haven’t already to please download my Google Play App (its free) and then leave a 5 star brief review (be sure to click on the stars 🙂 ).

Your willingness to do this will help my app climb to the top where others will be able to find me more quickly. I do realize that you may have already left a review on my app and good or bad or indifferent I am truly grateful that you took time in your day to do that for me. But leaving another review on my app will also prove to the non-believers that I am more than just a machine giving hopeful messages.

Should you choose to do this on my behalf and I pray you will – I will receive notice from my Google Play App of your review. At that time I will contact you in an email message to set a time and day for your reading. You may choose to use your free 30 min reading as you will. We can figure out the details when we connect. Thank you so much for your time and your kindness. I look forward – as always to the opportunity to read for you.

Here is the link to click on:

God Bless You
Love and Light,

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