I absolutely enjoyed my reading with Cynthia! She was accurate with everything. She even helped me check myself! You will def get your monies worth. No if, ands, or buts about that one. Thanks a million Cynthia!

*much love, peace, & prosperity.

Fatima G.

Cynthia was so amazing!!!
She connected with many of my family and made me feel they are with me. It gave me chills .
Cynthia was also able to help me with another situation.
She is just a wonderful kind caring person who really wants to help you.

Pam - Hilton Head Island

Really great connection. Hoping the job ideas work. Felt like she really saw some things that I didn’t think about. She’s really great.


I did a 1/2 hour reading with Cynthia and I can not even tell you just how happy I am to have met her. With her help I was able to connect to my aunt whom I was extremely close to when I was young and everything said was accurate. I was able to confirm worries I had in my life. But, she was able to bring a sense of peace that I needed in my life. Thank you Cynthia.


I’ve had numerous readings with Cynthia and she is simply amazing. I’ve suggested her to my niece and Cynthia saw a wedding in the very near future for her. To my amazment my niece contacted me a couple days ago and said she is getting married in less than two weeks. My husband adores her and my family asks if I’ve had a reading with her lately and wants to know all about it. I highly recommend Cynthia, she will amaze you as she did myself and my family.


Cynthia was very helpful and extremely easy to talk to. I felt like I was having a conversation with a good friend or family member. I contacted Cynthia for guidance concerning several issues and she was accurate and provided great advise. I’m so glad I decided to contact her. I will definitely contact Cynthia for more readings in the future.


I decided to have a reading with Cynthia as i am currently in a crossroads in my life.

She was able to understand how i was feeling without me giving any information about myself prior and gave me some very comforing advice from herself and her spirit guides.
She was so accurate about what i was going through and gave me hope for something better but telling me what she saw for my future.

I seriously told her very little most of my responses was yes and no just to validate her insights.

She is a gifted woman and extremely kind.

It was worth my time and money to have this reading with her.

Kylie - Melbourne

I had the most amazing phone reading today with Cynthia. We had a great connection. She is extremely kind and caring. During the reading she picked up on many things about my family. She picked up family members that even I didn’t know about. She was even able to describe the location where I was at the time of the reading. The most special part of the reading was when my Dad came thru. He passed away when I was 10 and I can’t even describe how important that was to me. Cynthia you have a great gift and I can’t wait to read with you again.


I was in Aweeeee!!! Cynthia was awesome , She really tapped into my love ones and told me things about my Aunts and Grandmother that I didnt know.I felt their spirit around me.And I didnt have to tell her nothing she did all the talking.Now that’s a real true Medium. Please give her a call …You wont be disappointed.


felt their spirit around me.And I didnt have to tell her nothing she did all the talking.Now that’s a real true


Prisila Prici

I had a wonderful reading with Cynthia! She is very intuitive, guess that is obvious… I have had several readings by others in the past, and Cynthia tends to hit the nail on the head! My mother as well as a brother-in-law made contact with me through her, and it was very uplifting. Good stuff! I highly recommend her for anyone looking for more insight into so much that we simply do not see around us and within us, in the Big Picture. Don’t forget to bring some questions!


This was my first reading ever with anyone. I have watched the Long Island Medium for a long time and have always had a desire to contact my family that has passed. Needless to say I was very skeptical about the whole thing but in the end I was very surprised and pleased. Cynthia said so many of my ancestors came forward, many that I knew nothing of. I mainly wanted to reach my parents and my brother but I didn’t tell her that to see what would happen. I was so happy that my father, brother and my husbands grandmother came through. I knew immediately when she started describing Grandmother Green who she was, Cynthia at first thought she was my mother but I knew better. She loved working in flowers more than anything in this world and when she told me about her apron I became a believer. The final thing that truly convinced me was when she described how I look out my kitchen window and what I see and how I had flowers in there and they were yellow. I almost fell off my couch when she said that, I had just put those flowers in there a few days before. After talking to Cynthia I felt such a peace and could feel all the love surrounding me.


i can not believe that a person over the phone can feel and see so much information . it is unreal., im so glad i called cynthia tonight cause she has really helped to see me through a bad turmoil.. im free and will make the changes i need to make now.. you have make total sense.. thanks xx


I had the most amazing reading today, Cynthia, as usual you were righ on target. I was very impressed. I’m so glad that James came through to speak to me through you. It was truly a blessing what information you passed on to me. I will never forget how you’ve helped me with the healing after my loss. It Is truly amazing how you picked up on the other issues that’s going on in my life, working and taking care of the elderly. I always feel so at peace after I’ve spoken to you. You just have a way of touching a person’s heart and letting them know it’s going to be alright. God bless you!!!

Michele - Allentown

Thank you so much for your reading.. it was awesome and really put me at ease !!


I very much enjoy my talk with Cynthia today. She was very much on target with what I have going on. Very much enjoy talking with her. And I will make sure not to forget about the thing with the Christmas tree lol. Don’t know how to do the ratings on here but she is definitely 5 stars

cynthia - san diego

I want to thank you again for the excellent reading I had with you last week. I’ve had so many meetings with you now l”m starting to lose count. But, I always know that if I need Clarity In anything, I could always call you and you’re always right on point. I’m truly blessed and thankful to have met someone who is truly genuine in what she does!
Have a blessed day.
God bless you!

Michele - Pennsylvania

My goodness the connection with Cynthia was totally amazing and calm and real and most of all so so true with her predictions and insights that she saw for my life l cannot thank her enough l truly appreciated her kindness towards me …l now have a friend..To have spoken to someone that totally dont know you and made you feel so comfortable and relaxed is truly an angel from God…Cynthia u are my Angel May God continue to uplift you and guide you as u help others to feel alive and focus towards their future…again Heart felt of thanks Cynthia my Angel* have a great weekend…STAY BLESS*

Lorraine - phone

I want to thank you for the incredible reading that I had yesterday, as usual I was so impressed!!!… I’m so happy that James came through to speak to me through you, it was a blessing. Words cannot explain the gratitude that I feel after speaking with you. I was also impressed with you picking up on exactly what’s going on in my life right now working in health care. You were right on target as usual! You are so blessed. God bless you!

Michele - Allentown

All I can say is WOW…Cynthia is amazing!.She connected with my dad and sister and it gave me a lot of peace.She clarified a lot of things for me and gave me great advice.She is such a kind Lady and has a beautiful soul.I can not thank her enough!


Amazing. First reading ever and was happy I reached out. Spot on, was very nice and understanding. Looking forward to reaching out to her again in a few months.

Kristi k - Corbett, oregon

I really enjoyed my reading….it was on point with everything. I encourage anyone to try a reading with Cynthia..All smiles


Cynthia\’s readings were incredible she\’s warm loving and caring very sincere and very accurate I was very amazed and impressed with her readings you need to get readings from Cynthi

Bell - Washington

Cynthia is amazing…. she will never give you wrong information, always dead on. She has become an angel to me, awesome person -God sent.


It was an amazing time well spent. Cynthia has a gift and shares such a great connection to missed loved ones. Thank you.

Kellie Moses Wheeler - Virginia Beach

Thank You so much Cynthia. My gal friend was right, you really are the real deal. if you’re looking for a real psychic/medium, look no further, Cynthia is the one. She knew things about my husband that only he and I knew. She is truly blessed. It was a wonderful reading and I’m looking forward to choosing Cynthia the next time I want a reading.

Gail Huff - Michigan

I had a reading with Cynthia last week. Was the first time for me. She was amazing! Very fulfilling session where my questions were answered and the information she relayed certainly convinced me that she was definitely connected to spirit.

Amazing, amazing, amazing. Can’t wait for my next reading!

Kathy Arnaud - Virginia

It was such a wonderful experience with Cynthia! Her ability is solid and real- details that she picked up that give me comfort and peace. But more importantly Cynthia is a caring spiritual mentor who bring her love and guidance to my complicated life. I definitely will have more conversations with Cynthia and I hope more people could benefit from her wonderful spirit and ability!


It was such a wonderful experience with Cynthia! Her ability is solid and real- details that she picked up that give me comfort and peace. But more importantly Cynthia is a caring spiritual mentor who bring her love and guidance to my complicated life. I definitely will have more conversations with Cynthia and I hope more people could benefit from her wonderful spirit and ability!


I really enjoyed talking with Cynthia. She explained everything very well and was rite on the nose…. I felt so much better after talking with her…I would talk to her again if needed… highly recommend….

Tammy… - ohio

I really enjoyed talking with Cynthia. She explained everything very well and was rite on the nose…. I felt so much better after talking with her…I would talk to her again if needed… highly recommend….

Tammy… - ohio

Cynthia literally blew my mind in a very impromptu, short meeting. I could not believe the insight she has into the spiritual world and the things she was able to tell me that eased my mind about some unresolved life issues.

Linda Brown - Bagley, MN

I really enjoy talking to u and I thank u for the reading and I think u for letting me know what I needed to know but they still do not want to approve me for my disability what I need to do for them to approve me I am so worried I really need my disability right now I am really in need of a big financial blessing I do not have no money to pay my bills I have bills from may of this year until now but do not have any money to pay the bills I really really need help bad I have been depress about the whole situation and I get upset knowing that I have bills to pay but no money to pay them I need help bad

Please forgive my late response Sharon – I have had you in my daily prayers since the first time I read your review. Thank you so much for your kind words and it is at this time that I put out

call to prayer on behalf of Sharon. Your prayers on her behalf will be heard and she will feel the warmth of your gift of prayer. Thank you all so much in helping me pray to the Creator to help Sharon.  God Bless you and your family Sharon. You are truly a lovely, lovely strong woman – you and I share a life so much in common. We help each other to stay strong.

sharon herron

I had a spiritual reading done by Cynthia,
She is such a sweet person and so so sincere and she made me feel very comfortable during our call..
She verified alot of things for me, and also let me know somethings that I would have never been able to know why my husband left this earth. It still hurts so much without him but she made me feel more at ease with his passing,and knowing he’s here with the kids and i. Call Cynthia Wildes she’s great, I will be back to talk
With her again….

Sandi Y. - Vancouver, WA

Just finished my second reading with Cynthia. I am sooooo blown away! As I said in my previous review, Cynthia is THE REAL DEAL. I’ve had readings from other people before but NO ONE has been so on point as Cynthia. Very comforting, rewarding and awesome experience. I look forward to many more readings as I maneuver through life. LOVE connecting with the spirit world! Thank you Cynthia! Blessings and a big HUG!

Kathy Arnaud - Chesapeake, VA.

Mrs. Cynthia is awesome.. She is very very accurate. She is the only precise person that I have encountered. She told me things that only I would know


Cynthia is a kind soul.. so benevolent .. and such people always excel in their field. She helped me in my difficult time with her reading and I am feeling so pleased, so light hearted after her reading. She is so accurate. One should not go anywhere else if they want an accurate reading. Cynthia is The Only True Psychic Medium.

Shivani Srivastava - India

Cynthia is a kind soul.. so benevolent .. and such people always excel in their field. She helped me in my difficult time with her reading and I am feeling so pleased, so light hearted after her reading. She is so accurate. One should not go anywhere else if they want an accurate reading. Cynthia is The Only True Psychic Medium.

Shivani Srivastava - India

Cynthia, l Want to thank you for your reading, it was on point. I always feel so at ease after we have spoken. It truly amazing how you are able to connect with my love one. Thanks, also for the wisdom. I will stay in touch.

Your new friend!


Cynthia is a very very sweet lady. I highly recommend you get a spiritual and or psychic reading with her. Cynthia was able to connect to many people in my family who have crossed over and people who are Not related to me in my house. Every detail was intact on point.
She gave me insight on how to handle certain situations in my life and how to better my relationship and myself. Cynthia had also given me hope, hope that I am not always alone and that my family is guiding me every step of the way. Cynthia is an AMAZING lady!. She answered ALL of my questions even mentioned someone close to me that i did not even bring up. Cynthia is the REAL deal. Thank You cynthia for the change you have made in my life, my heart and soul. May God Bless You Sweet Lady. 🌹💖


Cynthia is amazing! Her reading was so accurate. I will definitely request another reading, this time the one hour reading. I would HIGHLY recommend Cynthia!
Mary M.

Mary M.

Cynthia is the Best (Hands Down!)
She has such a sweet spirit, very passionate person with a beautiful heart! She hit everything on the nail! Without me telling her anything.. I was so worried about my life! When I got a reading with her she made me feel so at peace,and I am so excited about my future because of her, she even gave me some advise on some situations I had concerns about! You will not be disappointed with her!
She is really gifted,and love what she does! I am definitely coming back for another reading! Be blessed


This was my 1st reading and I couldn’t be more pleased. Cynthia was able to help me connect with my loved ones in a way I never imagined truly possible. She is very comforting and caring. Things were brought up that nobody else would ever have known. Also after the reading I have been able to email with questions and she kindly answers. Feel like I have made a new friend. Thank you Cynthia!


Cynthia just say's it as it is, and that's what I like about her, sincere and direct, but a touch of humour that makes you feel at ease with the world.
I look forward to my next conversation as you always put things into prospective for me – Thank you Cynthia.

Don Hudson - UK

I love Cynthias positive energy. Love talking to her! Can’t wait to see her predictions come true. Talk to you soon Cynthia.


I really enjoy talking to u Cynthia h moon what all u told me was true and I will be getting back with u soon u r a good psychic reader I wish I would have known u back then what matter I know u now and I am happy that I really found me a good psychic reader

sharon h

Mrs. Cynthia is so sweet. Once i got on the phone with her she started amazing me. She spoke on my relationship my kids and also my grandmother that passed 8 years ago. She made me feel so comfortable on the phone with her. I highly recommend her and i will most definitely be getting another reading from her. Truly a amazing woman. Thank you mrs. Cynthia

Jasmine evans

Cynthia is the real deal! The only thing I had to say what my name and she was able to tell me things nobody else would know. She is very kind and good at what she does. A very positive and wonderful experience!


1st–I’ve been know to spot BS almost immediately (Im a Virgo lol), 2nd– Ive been accused of not having a heart bc I hardly ever cry or get emotional.

I was going through some problems and contacted several psychics– through ebay and even those who worked under a known celebrity psychic. None felt right– I felt some fishing, their answers didnt make any sense at all, I hated that they asked for my full name and birthdate and that of my partner, and/or they were very vague and answers couldve been related to ANYONE’s situation (almost like a horoscopes can).

I decided I was going to try one more time before then give up. And I found Cynthia. WOW–i was blown away!!! SHE DIDNT ASK FOR ANY INFO! I was sure to use an email that wouldnt be traced back to my personal life or any of my social medias. I was also sure not to mention much if she asked questions, which she barely did. She more or less TOLD ME things versus ASKED me things. She told me things that NO ONE other than my daughter knows about– one was something we purposely HAD TO keep secret. She was specific and far from vague. She was on point and detailed (even described my relatives to a tee). And most of all…VERY COMFORTING as I was in tears ( and I never cry!). Im still at awee and still so shocked.

Best of all, she recorded our session so that I can always go back to it and relisten to it when I want to.

SHE IS THE REAL DEAL!!! I wish I wouldve found her before I spent all that money on useless “so-called psychics”. Her price was so reasonable and she took her time–even went over-time without charging or even reminding me of the time. SO SHE’S DEFINITELY NOT OUT FOR THE MONEY. She is a blessing and wow…all I can say is WOW. Thank you, Cynthia!


Cynthia knew what was troubling me and told me within a minute after we greeted one another. When I made my appt, I told her my family had medical issues. She didnt take the bait. She knew exactly what was going on in my life. She didnt stop there. She gave me info about my daughter that was true. When I told my daughter what I was told, she cried. She said it was true. I had hoped a loved would come through. That loved one did not come through, but another loved one did. Cynthia felt the presence of my in law who passed away. Now, I am a believer. My spouse was not. But by the time he listened to the recording she gives her clients free of charge, and heard her tell us about his dad’s passing, my spouse became a believer. The only thing she told me that didnt fit was… well, you are not interested in that. It was a word that kept coming to her. My point is, I believe in her insight so much that I find myself listening, observing and just being aware, just in case she was right.
Spirit continued to give her insight into my life, and I couldnt believe I was not charged extra for going over the time I paid for. If you want answers, or are troubled, if you need to connect to a loved one that has passed, make an appt. My anxiety was very high. I promised her I would be more centered next time we speak. My anxiety hadn’t been that high since the 70’s. I had complete relief by the time we said goodbye. I have been my normal happy and caring self with out any aniexty ever since my appt. Cynthia is the first medium I have ever spoken to. Thank you, Cynthia. I got my life back.


Looking for an Honest Psychic/Medium
Read what others have to say about their reading with Cynthia before leaving today. Her days book quickly – Contact her today and be sure to leave your name and a message. She will take time to respond within 1 to 4 days.
“Hi Cynthia, Thank you very much. It makes me feel that I’m going somewhere with my chosen career. You are delightful to talk to. Thank you again and have a great day. Stay warm.”

“Thank you Cynthia for taken the time to writing me back and Christy yes I’m legal issues and in recovery trying to fight my addictions and getting myselfright again for myselfand kids so thanks again”

“I really want to thank you for giving me the strength and courage to go tonight…my aunt that has not spoken to me in over 15 years talked to me tonight…Once again thank you”

“Thank you for everything. I not only feel lucky enough to have witnessed your gift but I feel like I have made a friend.”

“Thank you Cynthia for the reading. You are truly amazing. I have received the recording, i will definitely be calling you again in the future. God bless you!”

“Thank you so very much…I just left a comment for you to read…you are a angle to me…If it was not for you I would have not been able to go Friday…Thank you and God bless.”

“Mrs Cynthia,
What can I say, if you were in front of me I would be hugging you and kiss you so much. To show our love between my wonderful Nana and I. Thank you so much! Yes I will insert a high recommendation, you are amazing. God bless you! I will stay in touch again with you.”

“Greetings Cynthia,
I want to thank you for the reading. After I received my reading I realized the grandmother figure was my husband’s Grandma who passed on Christmas Day. The fogginess I now realize was the dementia she had. I feel such a sense of comfort right now and also so much love around me. Words can not express how grateful I am to you for helping me with this. Thank you so much!!!”

“Thank you so very very much Cynthia. Bless you a million fold for the genuineness. It meant so much to be able to talk to him today and just to him without the feeling of you adding to it. I look forward to talking to you soon. Love and Blessings to you”

“I just wanted to say thank you again for your incredible gift! I have been feeling very different since our chat – all in positive ways. You are amazing! Thank you for doing what you do!”

“Hey Cynthia how are you? I just wanted to say thank you again. The reading you gave me stuck with my spirit. And believe it or not really has helped ease my mind. You be blessed and thank you again.”


I just wanted to take the time to review a reading I had with Cynthia a couple of days ago. First off, she was very professional, kind and clear. I really enjoyed the reading, I got a little emotional, but it made me realize what I need to do and for that I’m very grateful. I had a list of questions ready, but she had seemed to already answer them without me really saying a word. She has a real gift, she saw things without me even explaining anything. Thank you Cynthia, I’ll be back in the future!


Thank you for my reading Cynthia. I didn’t know what to expect but you were very caring and reassuring. I am still processing the information which was shared. Some of the messages made sense to me and others I wasn’t too sure about. Life is a journey. Thank you for crossing my path.

Jo Roberts

My reading with Cynthia was even more than I had hoped for. What a terrific person and talented as well. She is like talking to a lifelong friend.

Pixie - Eastern Shore, Maryland

Thank you for my 30 min reading Cynthia.

God bless you my dear freind.

Cynthia i believe is absolutely genuine and real. she has power.. i recommended this app/reading as you will not be disappointed. Awesome.

“I have a calender on my wall….. guess the picture? Yes… thats correct Cynthia new exactly what it was! Amazing.

Thank you.
Best regards & god bless you all.

Adrian - Melbourne, Australia

Wow, what a talent and thank you so much for using your God given talent Mrs. Cynthia to help me communicate with my past loved ones. Highly recommended and so honest, she brought up items that she would not have known about my me and my life. Plus I love that she records then and shared it with me.

In my life I have come to know and find that things happen for a reason, they just don’t happen, and you are on this site reading my testimony for a reason, a reason that is hard to describe, but you know it has to be done, the people around you have led you to this site to communicate with you but they need some help and this is where Mrs. Cynthia comes to help, she is a wonderful blessing, a positive spirit that helps us communicate with the other side. leave all fears aside and if you believe in the higher power than you, just follow your heart and that reason.

Mrs Cynthia, a heart filled with love and gratitude, I am blessed to have met you and worked with you, I will return! Thank you, Nana! I love you and miss you so much! SO grateful I was able to spend time with you today.

Delia L - Arizona

Hi Cynthia, I just wanted to thank you for the awesome reading that I had, as usual you hit things right on target . I was so happy to be able to speak to James, you told me about sitting on a green bench or being near water, I didn’t remember what you were talking about. But now I do, I found a picture of me sitting in the park on a green bench, a picture that James had taken and l was standing near the water, looks like it’s a river maybe the Schuylkill River. You are truly blessed, every time you tell me something it is amazing, it’s a testament that you are truly gifted. I’m always at ease after speaking with you! You are my new friend! Have a blessed day and keep doing what you doing. Giving people the Insight that they really need!

Michele - Allentown

I really enjoyed my reading with Cynthia. She has a kind spirit and was accurate . I had a chance to connect with family and a recently departed coworker.
I recommend her and really appreciate her going a step further and sending a recorded dvd of my session.

Thanks again Cynthia

Rhonda - Houston

Cynthia is the real thing. Last reading i had from her was back in november. She picked up on alot. She has also read for my mother. Last time she and i spoke. I told her she definitely has my business. She is a kindred sweet soul. My grandmother came thru who is my mothers mother. My grandmother is the one who allows other to come thru. I had to practically beg my grandmother to let my dad come thru….he came thru and had me laughing by some of the things cynthia told me he was saying to her. She is definetly real.

Tameka - Indianapolis

Why pay for a reading if this lady never answer her phone or her messages


Blessings Breanna, Please forgive my very late response to your concern. I do try to make sure that I respond to everyone that contacts me. That is typically through my email address which is listed on the home page of my website. And because I receive so many calls in a day I have set it up so that folks can leave a message. Have a lovely day and God Bless. I hope that I have been able to help clear up some things about how I get back to folks. 

Love and Light, Cynthia

Breanna - Stockton

I enjoyed the reading with Cynthia so much! She was so accurate & on point with everything! Even picked up a certain pain that a family member had been going through and what to do for it ! I would definitely refer her too other people who seek psychic interest ! Thank you so much, im looking forward to my next reading !!!!!

M Willis